First Aired: May 8, 2005

Plot: When Chris’s beloved teacher wins the lottery and quits, Lois suggests Brian fill in as a substitute. He enjoys the job but is moved to another class for troubled kids and unintentionally teaches them to aspire to low-level jobs.

Meanwhile, Chris is instantly smitten with his new teacher, Mrs. Lockheart. Lois is not pleased with this. After she and Peter talk to Mrs. Lockheart, she promises to be with Chris if he kills her husband, though he does not do it. When Lois finds the teacher’s written instructions in Chris’s laundry, she and Stewie conspire to cover up the plot. Back at home, the rest of the family treat Chris differently because they thought he actually killed Mrs. Lockheart’s husband, until it is shown on the news that it was really Mrs. Lockheart and a bear.

In the last scene Mrs. Lockheart and the bear are found in a motel, with Mrs. Lockheart all dressed up for a nice evening dinner while the bear is lying on the bed watching television. She sits down on the side of the bed while the bear taps her with his left foot and with a satirical but somewhat loving manner says “Love you,” and with that the episode concludes.