First Aired: November 2, 2008

Plot: When Chris asks Peter for personal advice concerning Chris' testicles at the convenience store where Chris works, Peter threatens to sue the store for sexual harassment. Peter is given a coupon for unlimited gas for a year by the store owner to keep quiet. Lois suggests Peter use the card for a family vacation. The family decides to drive to the Grand Canyon. They leave early the next morning but inadvertently leave a sleeping Stewie behind at home. He wakes up to discover that he is home alone, and that he can do whatever he wants.

While stopping off at the ruins of the World Trade Center to pay respects, the rest of the family realizes that they left Stewie behind in Quahog. They call Cleveland and Quagmire to babysit him. As soon as they come in to the house, Stewie believes they are intruders and knocks them out with a noxious gas but, discovering their true identities, he chains them to the basement wall and force them to watch the 24-Hour DirecTV help channel. When Stewie eats up all the food in the house, he gets a job at McBurgertown, but is fired for eating food on the job.

After not receiving any calls from Cleveland and Quagmire for the past eight hours, Lois insists they return home to get Stewie. While driving the car, Peter somehow enters the car next to them to watch a movie, causing the Griffins' car to crash. The Griffins attempt to take a train home, but Peter squanders all the money they have with them for tickets on helium shower rings. Lois loses her temper and blames all their misfortunes on Peter's stupidity, but in a direct parallel to a scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles is taken aback when Peter calls her a cold-hearted cynic and says that everyone else likes him for who he is. Brian manages to get the Griffins a ride on the back of a pickup truck bound for Quahog.

In his solitude, Stewie realizes how much he depends on his family and is thrilled to see them return. When Peter questions where Cleveland and Quagmire are, the credits roll over Cleveland and Quagmire as they are still in the basement, reciting everything that is being said on TV, when Cleveland casually mentions he's getting a spin-off.